Getting Your Air Conditioner Through Brutal Tucson Summers

Do you worry about your air conditioner (AC) equipment making it through summer without breaking down? Extreme temperatures in Southern Arizona often demand your AC to run up to 14 hours per day, not for days or weeks, but for months, to keep you comfortable. Constant use takes a toll on any electrical/mechanical system, but this axiom is especially true when it hasn’t received regular care and maintenance.

It is painful just imagining having a broken AC unit when it’s 105 degrees! Failure during a long hot summer is inconvenient and expensive. Not only would you suffer an untimely expense, but you would also spend at least part of a very uncomfortable day at home while a HVAC technician diagnoses and repairs the problem.

But did you know there are three simple and effective things any homeowner can do to minimize the possibility of being caught in a lurch with broken AC equipment?

There are three simple maintenance tasks to do before the heat arrives:

  1. Change out the dirty old air filter! Your AC air filter is designed to improve the quality of air in your home by filtering out dust and dirt. Over time, especially in dry dusty climates like Tucson, it will get clogged up. When this happens, your AC equipment will work harder to push cool air through that dirty filter. Like driving your car pushing on the gas and the brake at the same time, you’ll be putting hard miles on your AC system which requires more energy and increases the probability of equipment failure.
  2. Check the arrow on the filter to make sure it’s aimed correctly with the air flow! Remember it’s easier to “Go with the Flow!”
  3. Clean your condenser coil! It is the core of your cooling system. When it’s covered in dirty grunge, it can’t efficiently transfer heat away from the warm air passing over it. This means the system has to run longer and work much harder to bring down the temperature, again causing high energy consumption and a better chance of brake down. In fact, a dirty coil can reduce efficiency by as much as 30%! A dirty coil can also cause higher operating temperatures and pressures inside your condensing unit, a common cause of complete system failure.

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                  “Prevention is better than cure.” — Desiderius Erasmus



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