Service Agreement

serviceagreementjpegOasis’ convenient Maintenance Service Agreement streamlines your bi-annual seasonal tune-up service and repairs. Your winter and spring start-ups are scheduled twice a year around your needs. We have one level of service so that you get the best, most comprehensive level of service every tune-up!  As a Service Agreement customer, if there’s ever a problem, you get priority service scheduling- important in an emergency!

Standard Maintenance Agreement Service Includes:

For The Heat Of Summer:

Your Air conditioner is going to be working overtime– Start it up with our Oasis Comfort Specialists inspection including:

  • Coolant check/ recharge- to maintain peak operating performance and efficiency.
  • Electrical components and wiring connections – to verify safe system operation.
  • Check blower belt and motor to be sure it is not wearing out and about to overheat.
  • Lubricate all moving parts- to eliminate friction and decrease energy usage.
  • Check your thermostat- to verify proper calibration and operation.
  • Thorough cleaning of condenser coils -increases efficiency and reduces wear.
  • Check for mold growing on any components.
  • Inspect ductwork for debris or air leaks- to prevent energy loss.
  • Check temperature differential at supply and return.
  • Check A/C unit in operation for noises and vibrations.
  • Evaluate static pressure- to diagnose and take corrective action.
  • Wash clean or replace the air filters.
  • Inspect bearings for wear and lubricate– to decrease friction, noise and vibration.
  • Test and inspect capacitors and contactors for wear.
  • Inspect blower wheel and fan blades for cracks.
  • Check compressor amperage and volt draw.
  • Inspect suction lines, valves and fittings.
  • Check the condensate line for leaks and patency.
  • Check the integrity of redwood supports on rooftop.
  • Check electrical connections at the disconnect box for loose or discolored wires.
  • Check lugs and fuses.
  • Check the outdoor conditioning unit for leaves, dirt, packrats or other debris.
  • See if you, the homeowner, have noticed any smells, noises or vibrations, or to hear if you have any questions or concerns (like hot rooms on the sunset side of the house.)

For The Cold Of Winter:

  • All of the above inspections : For gas leaks, indoor/outdoor coils, wiring, motors, fans and mechanical checks, Plus:
  • Furnace ignition and thermostat operation check.
  • Check for warmed air leakage at supply plenums.
  • Check the integrity of the electrical wiring for evidence of seasonal packrat damage.

Benefits: Besides lowered utility bills, extended equipment life, fewer repairs, and priority 24-hour emergency service, an Oasis Service Agreement is transferable to new owners should you decide to sell your home.

24-Hour Emergency Service: As an Oasis Service Agreement customer, you will not only have the peace of mind that your equipment is ready for a change in weather, but you will get priority scheduling with our 24-hour emergency service, 7 days a week.

Free Labor: As an Oasis Service Agreement customer, if you call us for help during regular work hours, the labor charge is waived. After hours and on weekends the labor charge is $46 for however long it takes to repair your unit!

Parts & Materials: With a Service Agreement, you will save with a discounted flat rate on parts and materials such as: motors, cooler pads, refrigerant, parts, compressors, duct work, hot water heaters, or plumbing (drains, water piping, gas piping), nor non-moving parts which includes but is not limited to: tubes, panels, structural supports, cabinets, fixtures, casing, grilles, or condensate drains.) You will be advised when equipment is becoming obsolete or is non-repairable. Ask us about  

Warranty Parts: Under your Service Agreement, parts under manufacturer warranty will be replaced at a discounted flat rate. Oasis agrees to warranty any defective workmanship that is brought to our attention within 90 days of completion of service. we’re not comfortable unless you’re comfortable!

Your Home, Your Oasis: As members of the Oasis family, homeowners who subscribe with Oasis’ Service Agreement for 7 years will receive a $300 credit toward the purchase of a new unit.

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