Things To Think About Before Hiring a HVAC Contractor

Most consumers expect, and rightfully demand, a great purchasing or service experience. After all, buying a new HVAC unit is a major expense. Providing that great service experience must be the focus of any HVAC contractor in order to earn loyal repeat customers.thingstothinkaboutjpeg

Our customers have two main concerns: “How disruptive to my life will it be to get the work done?”…. and… “Am I getting a fair price?”

We ask our customers to grade us on these five important questions when evaluating HVAC work because these are what people worry most about when making purchasing decisions:

  • Is The Price Reasonable?
  • Are They Professionals?
  • Will They Get The Job On Time?
  • Will They Respond Promptly To My Needs?
  • How Will I Feel About The Quality Of My Experience?


Pricing is one of the biggest worries customers have and for good reason. HVAC equipment is expensive and here in Arizona having consistently functional equipment is an essential. Is the price reasonable? If it sounds too good to be true there is probably a catch. If your contractor offers to knock $3000 of the price of a new unit it was probably overpriced to begin with. We strive to help clients understand pricing by:

  • Presenting special offers, promotions or discounts up front to get you the best price every day.
  • Making the contract as clear and specific as possible concerning price and payments.
  • Being transparent about every detail that contributed to the price. This also means offering the most reliable brands in the industry.


Competency is reflected in every business interaction, whether it’s on the phone before the project begins, cleaning up once it’s done, managing pets or children, or getting the job done right. Lack of professionalism is the main reason cited when customers express dissatisfaction with any service provider. Your contractor should:

  • Respond as quickly as possible to you when you call, text, or email.
  • Have up-to-date credentials, such as contractor’s licensing, bonding, and insurance. Our techs are NATE Certified and receive ongoing training to assure every installation is technically correct.
  • Look like pros. While some projects are dirtier than others, our team starts the day neat and clean, each wearing their own personalized Oasis uniform. They act like pros too. They must keep confidential any conditions or conversations which might be overheard. Our Techs must be kind to children, polite to visitors and considerate of pets.


Our customers are busy people and have other commitments they’ve had to shuffle to make sure they’re home when an HVAC tech arrives. Being just five minutes late can cause a negative impression. We assume our customers are working under tight time frames, just like we are, so we try very hard to accommodate their schedules.

  • Your contractor should be sure to let you know if there will be a delay.


Our customers are smart and do their homework. They have probably obtained other bids and are familiar with their choices. We strive to be responsive to our customer’s inquiries, questions and special needs. We do this by:

  • Answering all questions as clearly as possible and as soon as possible without being condescending. There are no dumb or unnecessary questions!
  • Maintaining the customers preferred lines of communication be it email, texting, or phone calls.
  • You should hear “thank you” even if you choose a competitor. When the job is finished you should also hear “thank you.” The field manager will take that opportunity to ensure you are happy. At Oasis, we’re not comfortable until you’re comfortable.


Quality isn’t just about having a safe comfortable home. It’s also about your perception of the entire experience. When delivering a quality job done right, Oasis keeps a few things in mind:

  • Pay attention to details! Our comprehensive contract spells out everything – from project details –to the payment plan– to timelines– to the specific equipment and materials to be used, which helps bring into line mutual client-contractor expectations. We want to hear about it if something has disappointed you because our goal is your 100% satisfaction!
  • Be transparent. Who will be on your job? You should know who will be out to help you. Are the people coming to your home background checked for your safety? Did you know you can go to and see pictures of all our team members?
  • Be respectful of the client from the initial estimate to the final payment and respect their home as well. Your home may be a temporary work site, but it is where you live. Your contractor should make you as comfortable as possible.
  • Surprises happen, so we raise the red flag pronto! If an unexpected problem is encountered, we contact you, our valued customer, right away and work to fix it fast. No one likes unhappy surprises.

Providing an outstanding customer experience by performing superb quality work, promptly, at a competitive price, your professional HVAC contractor will deliver real value and gain your trust upon which a long term relationship can be built.

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