Don’t Ignore Little Air Conditioning Problems!

trane-xl19i-outdoor-shotWhen you have a big air conditioning problem – like an air conditioner that quits on the hottest day of summer – it goes without saying you’ll be calling for repair service immediately!

Smaller air conditioning symptoms are easier to ignore, but putting off service is the last thing you should do. By calling for service as soon as you notice the symptoms of an ailing cooling system you can prevent or delay the expense and inconvenience of a big repair job. You’ll also avoid the higher utility bills that typically accompany a poorly functioning air conditioning system.

You should have your air conditioner checked when you notice any of these symptoms:

  • Decreased air flow from the registers
  • Strange noises or vibrations coming from the air conditioner
  • Moldy odors coming from the ductwork when the air conditioner is running
  • The air conditioner cycles on and off more frequently than it used to
  • The air conditioner breaker (or fuse) in the electrical panel keeps tripping or “blowing”
  • Your air conditioner or its piping is crusted in ice, either inside or outside the house
  • Your outdoor air conditioner fan won’t come on.

If you notice any problems, call Oasis today  at (520) 648-1755

or request a service appointment online to avoid more expensive problems down the road.