Uncomfortable? You Might Have Blower Motor Problems!

Blower Motor Problems? You know you have a problem when you feel uncomfortable and don’t feel air moving! Call Oasis at (520)648-1755 to see how we can keep you feeling comfortable!

fan-blowing-airThe blower motor is a critical element of the forced air heating or cooling system because it circulates conditioned air throughout the home. Each system’s motor is pre-programmed at the factory to meet the specifications of that unit. Older, less efficient systems usually have single speed motors while newer energy efficient equipment have variable speed motors.

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Diagnosing the Problem

Lack of maintenance is most common cause of blower motor breakdown because of dirt buildup. Excessive dirt causes premature degradation of the bearings. Bearings brake down with age as well as gritty dirt and cause the unit to run noisily. It is a simple fact that a clean motor is a happy motor and will last longer! Regular biannual maintenance service will keep that system clean and that motor humming.

In very old or commercial systems, there could be a belt-drive blower. In this case, the belt could be the wrong size, too tight or broken. Tight belts cause bearings to wear out prematurely which will cause the motor to seize or the fuse to the electrical system to blow.

Your skilled Oasis technician will check to see if the circuit board is sending the correct voltage to the blower. If insufficient voltage goes to the blower motor it will overheat and burn out. If the circuit board is applying the correct voltage, he will check the capacitor to see if it has a short or other malfunction.

If the fuse, bearings, capacitor, circuit board and power are all okay, the motor is bad. Even if the motor runs a bit, but it is noisy and drawing large amounts of current, the motor is bad and gobbling up energy. Replacing a blower motor is not a simple switch. It requires skill and knowledge of the system specifications.

If your heating and air conditioning system is in this kind of trouble, your Oasis service tech will not only change the blower motor, or capacitor or circuit board if needed, but also clean and check the system thoroughly.

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