Wine Room Cooling Systems Installations for Green Valley, AZ and Surrounding Areas

Planning to build or renovate a space into a luscious wine room? The cooling system is the heart of your wine cellar. Treat yourself to an Oasis Wine Room Cooling System. We custom design the system to your space. Our wine room coolers ensure your vintage grapes mature gracefully, are properly cooled for years of storage, and increase in quality and value.


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What Are The Two Most Important Things to Know?

  1. People wonder if a regular window air conditioner or the home air conditioning (A/C) system could cool their wine room. Home and window A/C systems work differently than wine room coolers. Home temperatures are usually kept somewhere in the mid 70’s. These temperatures can flaw the delicate flavors of wine, causing sour or prune-like flavors to develop from oxidation. It is possible for your home A/C to get your house as cool as 65 or maybe 60 degrees at the lowest, but why would you want to sacrifice comfort and waste energy to keep the wine happy? Some people who don’t intend to store their wines for an extended time of more than one year might think a few degrees won’t matter much. Even though 60-65 degrees feels very cool and is the right temperature for serving your wine, it is too warm for long-term wine storage and will hurry the maturation process. Experts recommend wine be stored around 55 degrees for it to develop properly. Your wines are alive, living, growing and developing, so to speak and temperature is only part of the needs of wine.
  2. Humidity control is just as important as temperature control. Wine Room cooling units are designed to cool the air at a slow rate and to maintain humidity. Home A/C systems are designed to remove humidity from the ambient air as well as to cool it. Dry air is the next worst thing for wine after warm temperatures. Humidity keeps the corks moist. It is the reason the bottles are stored on their sides – To keep the corks moist. If the corks dry out, air – the next worst enemy of great wine – will enter the bottle and turn a lovely luxurious bottle of fine wine into expensive vinegar. If your wine room needs a further boost in humidity, a special component can be added to your wine room cooler to achieve the right amount of moisture.

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